NPU:s everyday work is performed by its elected representatives; primarily the union board and NPU:s local representatives.

The Board consists of seven elected members and three substitutes.

  • Each country elects a national representative to serve as board member. 
  • Each country elects one substitute board member. Also serving as vice national representative.
  • All members across the three countries elects four transnational board members.

Smaller bases outside OSL, CPH and ARN may also elect a local base representative.

(To contact any representative; click on their name below to send an email.)

The Board

Alf Wilhelm Hansen

Transnational Representative

David Thell

Vice Chairman
National Representative Sweden

Trond Torgersen

National Representative Norway

Alexander Kiotseridis

National Representative Denmark

Anders Storm Kopstad

Transnational Representative

Petra Jester

Transnational Representative

Kurt Gilje

Transnational Representative


Regin Krøigaard

Vice National Representative Denmark

Base Representatives

Trond Moe

Base Representative BGO

Ståle Idsøe

Base Representative SVG

Tommy Jakobsen

Base Representative TRD