NPU's everyday work is performed by its elected representatives; primarily the union board and NPU's local representatives. The Board currently consists of five elected members and one substitute.
  • Each country elects a national representative to serve as board member.
  • Each country elects one substitute board member. Also serving as vice national representative.
  • All members in Norway elects four transnational board members.
Smaller bases outside OSL may also elect a local base representative. (To contact any representative; click on their name below to send an email.)

The Board

Alf Wilhelm Hansen

Chairman & Transnational Representative

Kurt Gilje

Vice Chairman & Transnational Representative

Ole Kristoffer Hole Olsen

Transnational Representative

Fredrick Johansson

Treasurer & National Representative Norway

Stian Holmlimo Kvam

Secretary & Transnational Representative


Trond Moe

Vice National Representative Norway

Base Representatives

Trond Moe

Base Representative BGO

Ståle Idsøe

Base Representative SVG

Tommy Jakobsen

Base Representative TRD